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Dedicated Spinning®studio within Western Health & Racquets Club, 30 Hyndland Road, West End Glasgow, G12 9UP
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Spinning® Is recommended to anyone with a weight loss goal, or just wanting to quickly build up to and maintain a good level of fitness.
Boiler Room Fitness Welcomes participants of all fitness levels. From beginners to skilled athletes, both start at the same place and successfully complete the Spinning® workout together. Classes will be tailored to introduce beginners as well as increased intensity classes for the more experienced individuals.
A couple, or more !, Spinning® classes a week will work towards guaranteeing results in terms of fat loss and increased leg strength as well as massive cardio vascular benefit.
If you’d said to me 6 months ago that I would be rearranging my life to weekly attend a fitness class, I’d have laughed very, very loudly… one small bet that I couldn’t do a spin session has now turned me into a spin addict!  Great music, great instructors and the facilities are great too. So easy to book (even at last minute) and delighted that I don’t need a membership. There is a “problem” you need to be aware of, you’ll need to reorganise your wardrobe as the lycra takes over and your clothes size drops. One major health warning - you will become obsessed by BRF!
- LS,
Surprisingly addictive (from the couch potato teenager), now very stroppy if she doesn’t get her weekly spin fix! (and is trying to fit another in her school week).
- AS (LS Daughter)
I came across BRF back in March 2016 and thought what have I got to lose by giving it a go.  Now I’m thinking what will I lose if I stop.  The fitness benefits speak for themselves as long as you are willing to put in the effort.   The instructors make you feel very welcome and there infectious enthusiasm spurs you on.  
- G Buchan
I'm so glad to have this place land on my doorstep. Brilliant spinning instructors, gorgeous studio and a great community vibe. Easy to blast 500 plus calories in a 45min session and my new, smaller waistline is evidence of that. Highly recommended!! 
- L Logan
As an experienced road cyclist putting in 100 miles/week I never really thought that sitting on a static bike could be of any benefit. I was wrong. A winter of regular attendance, with spinning's high impact nature, has left me in the best pre-season shape ever. No way would I have had the motivation to work as hard without the BRF setup and the  being pushed by the instructors.
- A Leanord
I've been Spinning at Boiler Room since the start of January 2016. It started as a New Year's Resolution to get fitter but I very quickly realised that’s there's far more to the place than just that. The mixture of great instructors, a positive environment and committed like-minded people creates a special environment that pushes me physically while also offering a social structure & feeling of comradery that keeps the training fresh and interesting. The workouts are varied and always challenging and my fitness has improved by some margin since I started. I have also lost two stones since that first beginner’s class in January. I can't recommend Boiler Room highly enough!
- R Milligan
I’ve been spinning at various places for years but BRF is by far my best experience yet. Great instructors, great bikes and a great variety of styles to push you that wee bit further. Thanks for raising the bar!
- I Finlay


I've never been to a Spinning® class before !!
Beginners are always welcome. You never forget how to ride a bike, but let our instructors know when you arrive that this is your first class and they will help you get set-up and guide you around your bike.

What should I wear ?
Comfortable workout clothing, but try and avoid loose-fitting tracksuits or jogging trousers. Cycling shorts are good as they provide extra comfort. All bikes are fitted SPD cleat compatible for cycling shoes. If you do not have cycling shoes then indoor running or sports shoes with a solid base will be fine.

What should I bring ?
Other than yourself !...bring a hand towel, for mopping your brow, and water. It is said that for a 40 minute class you should drink at least 40oz of water. There are two bottle holders on the handlebars of your bike, good idea is to use them both !

Do I need to book a bike or can I just come along ?
Please book in advance online via the "Book a class" link, payment will also be taken from there. This will ensure you have a bike for your selected class. The online booking system opens 14 days in advance. A 'Wait List' is also available and if a bike becomes available we will get in touch and you will have to access the online booking to reserve and pay for your bike/class.

When should I arrive at the studio ?
Please arrive 5/10 minutes before the start of the class. If it is your first time then come along earlier, say 15 minutes before, so that we can get you set up and guide you around your bike. DO NOT be late as it is dangerous to move around and between the bikes when the class has started.

What is the cancellation policy ?
If you are unable to make a pre-booked class, please cancel 24 hours prior to the start of the class in order to receive a full refund.

Are there showers, changing rooms and lockers at the studio ?
Yes, within Western Health & Racquets Club there are changing and showering facilities. No towels are provided, so please bring your own.

Can I use the other facilities within Western Health & Racquets Club ?
The changing and shower facilities are available, however you must be a member of the Club to use their other Gym, Tennis and Squash facilities.

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£30 5 Classes
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Our Team

Adele Crothall

Adele has always loved spinning as part of her fitness regime so after launching herself into her career as a Personal Trainer she took the extra leap and became an indoor cycling instructor too. Adele brings together a workout that focuses on strength, endurance and stamina, add to the mix a healthy dose of motivation, high energy and fun, with some great new and old tunes you can challenge your fitness levels to a new high !!

Donna McVey

As well as being an experienced Instructor, Donna is also a qualified Hypnotherapist and uses visualisation amongst her teaching techniques to motivate you through her classes. Class profiles and structure alter according to the riders abilities, likes and/or dislikes. Donna's passion and commitment to your individual and the class's needs are paramount to your fitness development within Boiler Room Fitness.

Ewan Mitchell

Ewan is a qualified Spinning® Instructor and his style very similar to riding or racing a road bike. His preference for race stages and using visualisation to feel the changes on the road allowing the class to be riding the gear that is most appropriate. The use of Tour de France Stage Commentary is another tool Ewan uses which take his riders into the actual event and gets them across the finish line alongside the actual Tour athletes !! Truly inspirational !

Kim Campbell

Kim discovered her passion for Spin over 5 years ago and has been hooked ever since.  She believes that spin should be progressive and motivational but most importantly lots of fun!  With a wide range of music from every decade, Kim's classes ensure a well-rounded workout suited to all levels and abilities. A high energy and fun-loving attitude creates a class that will help get those endorphins going and blast away any stress of the day.

Kirstie Black

Kirstie, a fully qualified PT, brings a challenging class focused on technique with clear and concise teaching points to allow everyone of all abilities to get the most out of the experience. With the best music Kirstie will take you from fast sprints to runs and big hill climbs to improve your fitness, strength and endurance, spike the metabolism, burn plenty of calories and tone up. A fun, high energy class with plenty of variety of music and routine to get the endorphines going.

Michael Hynes

Michael fell in love with Spinning® a few years ago and hasn't stopped since. So much so, he has created Boiler Room Fitness for you to share in the enjoyment. Michael brings a fluid and flowing class combining music that you perhaps wouldn't expect. The music will help you climb, force you to sprint and aid your recovery. Alongside the music Michael's enthusiasm and engaging nature will allow you to take the most, if not more, from the class.

Neil Campbell

Neil's has an approach and belief that spinning is for everyone. With a style very much based on road cycling with a focus and visualisation theme together with a strong beat within the music to set your cadence or rhythm. Neil will take you away on the journeys that he takes himself on his roadbike, without leaving the Studio. Neil is also our Nutrition specialist, so ask him anything about what to eat and when !

Nicole Gallacher

Nicole is an experienced instructor who loves nothing more than getting on the bike and providing an upbeat and motivational class incorporating various techniques to stimulate the body and the brain. With her range of high tempo and uplifting music she will take you to the limit of your fitness level and beyond. Whether you are climbing, sprinting or time trialling she will challenge all participants,  from beginners to the experienced, to achieve their goals in a friendly, lively and fun style.

Sheena Armour

Sheena was an experienced Spinning®  participant now turned qualified Spinning®  Instructor and is using her passion and enthusiasm to create the right balance between technique, challenge, motivation and fun. Focus is placed on heart rate with Sheena's programmes designed to push the class beyond their boundaries. Sheena's instructing style simply shows how much she loves Spinning® .

Go on get fit, Get Spinning®:)

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Western Health & Raquet Club, West End of Glasgow
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